Shelf Life Studies

Shelf Life Studies

Deibel labs help our clients produce safe, wholesome products that will survive the shelf life of the product. We will help extend the shelf life of current products, or troubleshoot and help solve, current spoilage issues.

  • New Products - We provide expertise in determining the shelf life or a new product or formulation.
  • Extending Shelf Life - Deibel will aid clients in extending the shelf life of a current product by GMP GAP Analysis for sanitation and hygiene practices, special projects and onsite consulting [add hyperlinks to other pages].
  • Current Spoilage Issues - Our associates will go onsite and help our clients with current spoilage issues, in trying to determine the source of the spoilage organism.

Shelf Life studies are formulated and conducted based on our knowledge of common spoilage microorganisms in a given product type (i.e. milk & milk based products, cooked & raw meats, vegetables and other fresh produce, nuts, oils, etc).

Deibel will also help our clients at the plant level, but inspecting the operating conditions of the facility and making recommendations for process improvements. Catching potential GMP or spoilage issues at the production level will help promote shelf stability in products and may extend the shelf life of a product!

Product Stability over the shelf life of the food has strong economic pressures, which is normal operates outside of the normal food borne safety concerns – most food poisoning issues occur in food that is well within the declared shelf life of the product – therefore, as most food scientists recognize, “food spoilage” and “food safety” often involve two very different and separate classifications of micro-organisms.

The potential economic loss of spoiled, non-hazardous, products is a large concern to many food processors. Additionally, there is the inherent negative after affects that spoiled products may have on business relationships with consumers and clients.