Inoculated Pack Studies

Food processors are constantly evaluating their products for potential microbial risk to consumers. As such they look to experienced laboratories to perform challenge studies; inoculating their products using stabilized and sub-lethally injured organisms to mimic those commonly seen in the manufacturing environment. All studies are conducted in controlled laboratory settings using bacteria species that commonly represent spoilage or food safety concerns in the food matrix.

All studies are carried out in strict adherence to current Good Laboratory Practices (GLPs), including those outlined in BAM, USDA, AOAC, USP, the Compendium, ISO 17025, etc. Deibel Labs will develop a Study Protocol around our clients’ unique and specific criteria. Once signed by our client, the study will commence, with results articulated back via the Study Coordinator. Once finished, the study will be summarized in the Study Report.

Deibel Labs are not in the business of simply cranking out results; rather, our Study Coordinators will help interpret the results and work with our clients by helping to formulate the next steps, based on the Study results.