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Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis

As a group, U.S. Companies and food industry professionals have developed systems for Good Manufacturing Practices that are employed world-wide. We have led the way in developing systems such as HACCP as well as the media and methods used as global standards by laboratories for the cultural and rapid detection of microorganisms of concern.

Everyone wants to pass an audit.

Most companies actively work towards improving their manufacturing practices for the production of safe and wholesome foods.

Audits from clients and third parties form one aspect of the plant’s ability to prove this commitment.


We are proud of our role in the industry; working with companies to improve their manufacturing systems for the production of safe and wholesome foods.

The Gap Analysis audits we perform, allow the firm to have another pair of eyes on the written document systems as well as an onsite inspection of the manufacturing practices. The goal of this type of an audit is to identify opportunities for improvements.

A typical Gap Analysis involves a two part audit, one document review and an onsite inspection. The document review includes:

  • Review of current forms used in Sanitation activities
  • Associate Training records
  • Pest Control logs
  • Sanitation logs and chemicals used
  • Environmental sponge program and past results
  • Raw and Finished Testing Program and past results
  • Traceability and Recall Programs
  • HACCP Records (Hazard Analysis, CCP documents, Monitoring forms, Deviation records, Correction Actions, etc).

The Onsite Audit includes:

  • Receiving – raw materials and packaging supplies
  • Facility design and potential GMP issues
  • Wheel and foot traffic flow
  • Process flow of materials
  • Sanitation activities
  • Equipment inspections for sanitary design
  • Storage and warehouse practices and conditions

The Formal Reports will identify all of the gaps found during the audit, when compared with current industry best practices, as well as the recommendations for improvements. Deibel professionals won’t just tell you what’s wrong, but will off suggestions for improvements, or how to avoid the deficiency in the future..

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