The FSMA Human Food and Animal Food Preventive Control Rules were officially completed on Monday, August 31st to meet the court-mandated deadline.  However, due to the size of these rules, these regulations will not be published in the Federal Register until possibly mid-September. 

Documents submitted to the Federal Register can publish several days after they are submitted, with larger documents taking longer to process and display. The FDA will share information about the final rules and how food facilities can comply as soon as they are able to do so.  

FDA will post an update at as soon as the final rules are available via the Federal Register and Deibel Laboratories will summarize the   important changes you need to know about.  For more information on FDA's Food Safety Modernization Act, visit

Training will be necessary to successfully implement the Food Safety programs mandated by FSMA.  The need for a certified Qualified Individual, responsible for managing a facility’s Preventive Control Programs, is required by FSMA legislation.  Certification can be achieved through a specialized training program developed by the FDA and the Food Safety Preventive Control Alliance.  Only accredited trainers will be able to provide this FDA compliant course.  Deibel Laboratories is working towards accreditation for our already HACCP certified trainers, and plans to offer Qualified Individual training in early 2016. 

2015-09-01 20:41:46