Why Choose Deibel?

Our Culture

Deibel Laboratories is always seeking out energetic individuals to fill positions at our rapidly growing Food Safety and Nutritional testing laboratories. In addition to following EEOC guidelines, we pride ourselves on our ability to give professionals the opportunity to develop and demonstrate their business and leadership skills. Our company plays a trend-setting role in advancing the science of product safety and food quality.  We look for professionals who want to reach those same high standards in food testing.  Our team consists of diligent and steadfast individuals who are in the pursuit of customer satisfaction and scientific inquiry. Our company is fortunate in that it is small enough to care about each employee but big enough to serve our clients in the food industry.  This allows for upward growth within the company and defines our structure with long lasting employees committed to proving a service to the food industry.

New Graduates

Deibel Labs encourages all new graduates in the sciences to apply to our different lab locations. Our training program for our entry level Lab Technician I is structured for the new graduate to teach them the professional skills that can be translated into both their personal and professional growth.  Deibel Labs searches for hard working and eager new graduates who want to put in the hours learning our methodologies for ensuring product safety and food quality testing.

If you are interested in working at Deibel Labs and would like to learn more about potential career openings email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..