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Blendos, an invention by Dr. Deibel, are autoclaveable-blending containers that can store sterile per-enrichments, without leaking. After the initial sample weight out, the samples are homogenized in the pre-enrichment and incubated, ALL IN ONE STEP, versus different steps/containers as done in most laboratories.

Since the initial sample weight out and homogenization into the pre-enrichment are done in ONE STEP, issues of cross contamination are greatly reduced!

Blendos can be ordered from Summit Lab Supply, a subsidiary of Deibel Labs, by calling our Sarasota, FL office.

videoCD Training
  • How to take a Sponge Sample (See a 38 Second Video)
  • How to take an aseptic product sample

Cd's currently in development are:
  • Aseptic product sampling techniques
  • HACCP Overview(non-certified)
  • Good Manufacturing Practices

plateCheck Sample Program

Summit laboratory supply, a subsidiary of Deibel labs, has been manufacturing a broad range of "check samples" for contract laboratories and internal production QC labs since the 1970's! We offer monthly or bimonthly check samples for indicators such as E.coli, Yeast and molds, S.aureus for verification of proper lab techniques. Additionally, other check samples are inoculated with low levels of the pathogenic bacteria Salmonella and Listeria. This program offers a cost effective way to validate your labs performance for commonly performed analyses by FDA or USDA methodologies such as APC, Coliform/E.coli VBRA or MPN’s, cultural pathogen tests, rapid assays such as PCR and ELISA's, as well as validating the labs media and time/temperature incubation times. To learn more about this great program, contact your nearest Deibel sales representative.

moldToxin Technology

Toxin technology, or "tox-tech", was founded in 1984 with a mission to be the main supplier of purified bacterial toxins for research institutions, predominately staphylococcal enterotoxins toxins a-e and polyclonal / monoclonal antibodies for bacterial toxins. Additionally tox-tech has a broad range of testing capabilities, including ELISA and Western Blot staphylococcus enterotoxin confirmations, mycotoxin screenings and confirmations, and cytotoxicity screenings. To find more about our testing capabilities or toxin product lines, click the link below:


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