Meet Our Founder


Dr. Robert H. Deibel

Truly a legend in the field of microbiology, Dr. Deibel is one of the foremost experts on basically any food borne issue. He has spent his life as an educator and scientist, the latter of which as the Dean of the Bacteriology Department at the University of Wisconsin, has written several chapters in Bergey's Manuals for Microbiology, has authored over 80 scientific publications, provides expert legal testimony in court cases surrounding the food industry, has developed media that is still in use today for salmonella detection (I.e. "M-Broth), and provides expert consultation on food related issues to Deibel clients. Dr. Deibel is "one of the HACCP Founding Fathers, expanding Dr Howard Bouman's 3 HACCP Principles into 5 and providing the first ever HACCP Short course to the industry back in the 1970's." Dr. Deibel has assembled and trained the Deibel staff of expert microbiologists/technicians, and incorporated his knowledgebase into a 250+ page comprehensive training manual.