HACCP Training

Here are two little known, but interesting factoids:

  • Dr. Deibel was one of the industry scientists who helped develop HACCP.
  • Dr. Deibel and his first PhD student, Dr. Bill Sperber formed the first ever HACCP consulting team, and taught the first every HACCP short courses.

We are proud of Dr. Deibel’s contributions to food safety! Under his tutelage we have a strong group of HACCP experts, aiding our clients with their HACCP programs, as well as teaching HACCP Short Courses.

Current HACCP Classes offered by Deibel Labs

  • HACCP Overview
  • Certified HACCP Class
  • Advanced HACCP

Deibel Labs HACCP Classes:

The HACCP training program is designed to meet the FDA’s and USDA's training requirements. This course is also accredited by the International HACCP Alliance. A certificate will be given to the trainees after the completion of each course. The training program will be taught by our on-staff HACCP Certified Lead Instructors. This seminar meets the Educational Requirements of 9 CFR417 (USDA Products) and 21 CFR 123 (FDA Products).

Please call Sales at 224-465-5515 for HACCP class schedule and locations.