Centers of Excellence for Process Validations and Microbial Research

Over the years, Deibel Laboratories has helped many clients to scientifically validate their process lines in compliance with current FDA, USDA and HACCP requirements. In collaboration with the Almond Board of California, Deibel Labs Process Authorities have helped shape the current Validation process, using a Salmonella surrogate organism.

Processing types (examples):

  • Ovens (batch and continuous feed)
  • Nut roasters (air , oil and steam)
  • Drum Roaster
  • Cereal plants (extruders & cooling tunnels)
  • Panning operations

Currently the FDA is recommending to peanut processors that they should validate their thermal process, to ensure that they are able to achieve a 5 Log reduction of Salmonella. Current guidance from the FDA states that "A history of negative microbiological tests for Salmonella spp. in the finished product, while useful in a verification program for a process, is not sufficient, by itself, to determine the adequacy of a process in reducing the presence of Salmonella."("from Measures to Address the Risk for Contamination by Salmonella Species in Food Containing a Peanut-Derived Product as an Ingredient”).

It is our belief that the FDA will also soon recommend that all processors using a thermal kill step be validated against a certain log kill of Salmonella.

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